Sinus Infection: Symptoms and Treatment

A woman in pink and white striped shirt holding her nose.

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If you’ve been experiencing congestion that interrupts your day and keeps you up at night, and if cold or flu medications just haven’t been working for you, then you might have a sinus infection. You’ve been waiting a long while for the symptoms to go away, so you owe it to yourself to get proper treatment today.

For sinus infection treatment in Laredo TX, come see us here at DOC-AID Urgent Care. We can treat you effectively and immediately, with no appointment required. Come see us today for on-the-spot service.

What is a sinus infection?

You might have been thinking that your symptoms are cold or flu symptoms, as sinus infections have similar symptoms. Although the symptoms are similar, the causes are very different. With a sinus infection, a patient’s sinus cavities become infected and inflamed. The condition impairs the sinuses ability to to what they’re supposed to do, which is producing the mucus that keeps the inside of your nose moisturized. And when your sinuses can’t do this properly, they can become further infected with bacteria. This is why it’s a good idea to treat a sinus infection right away.

The condition that occurs is called sinusitis, or a sinus infection. Each year, about 40 million Americans suffer from a sinus infection, and they can suffer from symptoms for as long as two weeks.

What are the symptoms of a sinus infection?

It can be difficult or even impossible for you to tell whether you have a sinus infection, a cold, or the flu, so you’ll want to go to an urgent care clinic like ours for immediate treatment and diagnosis.

Come see us if you have some of the following symptoms:

A cough that won’t go away

Stuffy nose and congestion that persists

Nasal discharge

A loss of smell

Bad breath

Frequent headaches


Pressure or even pain in your face

When you have a sinus infection, you want immediate treatment, which isn’t necessarily something a primary care doctor can provide. We can provide this here at DOC-AID Urgent Care. No appointment required.

How is a sinus infection treated?

The sooner you have a sinus infection treated, the better. This is because the symptoms can become significantly worse and more uncomfortable, and up to two weeks is a long time to deal with symptoms.

The first step in treatment is proper diagnosis, which we can provide here at our clinic. We can visually inspect your sinuses, test you for particular allergies, and/or take nasal and sinus samples for lab testing. Our lab is actually onsite so we can provide you with results quickly. If we determine that you require treatment, we can provide medications like decongestants for the congestion, antibiotics for the infection, and an antihistamine for the inflammation.

Can you treat sinus infections in Laredo, TX?

Yes, and we are located near you! DOC-AID Urgent Care has convenient locations in Laredo, Tx to serve you. We’re open Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 8 pm to serve you better and to help you get treatment when you need it. You can reach us at Call us to schedule an appointment with us, or you can simply come on by for a same-day appointment with no booking necessary! You can also book online with us if you’d prefer to.

We hope to see you soon here at DOC-AID Urgent Care!