Telehealth/Virtual Visits in Texas

Telehealth/Virtual Visits in Texas

One of our certified medical providers will assist you by video from the safety and comfort of your home.

Telemedicine Services in Texas
Telehealth/Virtual Visits in Texas
Telehealth/Virtual Visits in Texas

Requirements you need:

A computer, smartphone or a device with a camera and microphone.
An email address you can access
A good internet connection

How does it work?

Our doctors, physician assistants or nurse practitioners will use video conferencing to assess your symptoms, diagnose your condition and come up with a plan to treat your illness.

Your provider may determine that it is necessary for you to come in to DOC-AID Urgent Care for labs or x-rays.

Telehealth/Virtual Visits ARE APPROPRIATE for a variety of health concerns including but not limited to:
● Acid Reflux/Heartburn
● Acne
● Arthritic pain
● Bladder Infections/Urinary Tract Infection
● Bronchitis
● Cold/cough/runny nose
● Conjunctivitis
● Insect Bites
● Laryngitis
● Minor Constipation or diarrhea
● Minor skin injury
● Minor Injuries
● Nausea
● Pink eye/Conjunctivitis
● Poison Ivy/Oak
● Prescription Refills
● Rash (non-genital, without fever)
● Request for laboratory testing (thyroid screening, diabetes screening, cholesterol screening)
● Seasonal Allergy Symptoms
● Scabies exposure
● Sinus infections or sinus pain
● Skin Infections
● Sore throat
● Sunburn
● Upper Respiratory Tract infection

Telehealth/Virtual Visits ARE NOT APPROPRIATE for the following reasons:
● Abdominal pain
● Bleeding
● Chest pain or palpitations
● Dizziness, fatigue or weakness
● Fainting or loss of consciousness
● Head Injury
● Motor vehicle collisions, Spine or Major Extremity trauma
● Psychosis
● Thoughts of harming self or others
● Severe illness with fever
● Severe Back Pain
● Shortness of breath


Insured: Telehealth/Virtual Visits are covered by most insurance companies including Medicaid/Medicare
Uninsured/Self Pay: Basic virtual consult -$75


Step #1
Request An Appointment
Select BOOK ONLINE or call 956-523-0966 to Request an Online Appointment

Step #2
Choose your Provider and Select Appointment Slot

  • Select A Service:
  • Telehealth Video Consult (15 min)
  • Choose a Date and Time

Step #3
Enter Patient Details

  • Select if you are a new or existing patient
  • Enter information. You will need an email address.

Step #4
Fill Out Paperwork

  • Follow email instructions and log into ChARM PHR patient portal
  • Create your password and then fill out the questionnaires

Step #5
Begin Your Video Consult
Download Zoom App on phone or open website on computer (don’t sign in)
Join the video session 30 minutes prior to appointment time, using the link sent via email.



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