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Doc-Aid Urgent Care has partnered with Cambridge Brain Sciences to quickly measure brain health. Your healthcare provider will use these measures to establish a baseline and monitor and manage core areas of cognition to ensure that your brain health is on the right track.

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Cognitive Testing Services for:

● PACE (Pre or Post-Acute Concussion Evaluation)

Table of Contents:

What is involved in a cognitive evaluation?
How do I prepare for a cognitive assessment?
Why is Measuring Cognitive Health Important?
What are the benefits of a cognitive assessment?

What is involved in a cognitive evaluation?

Cognitive evaluation checks for issues with the patient’s cognition. Cognition is a combination of processes that occur within the brain that is involved in almost every aspect of the patient’s life. Cognitive includes memory, thinking, language, judgment, and the ability to learn new things. If there is a problem with cognition, it is considered an impairment to the cognitive. The condition ranges from mild to severe.
There are many different causes that cause cognitive impairment. These causes include side effects of blood vessel disorders, depression, dementia, and medicines. Cognitive tests cannot show a particular cause of the impairment, but the testing does help the provider to find out if you will need more testing completed, and/or the steps needed to address the issue.
There are a few different types of cognitive tests that can be completed, some of the most common include:
• Montreal Cognitive Assessment
• Mini-Mental State Exam
• Mini-Cog

How do I prepare for a cognitive assessment?

There are no special preparations necessary for a cognitive test unless specified by the provider.
As stated previously, there are different types of cognitive tests available. Each different test involves answering a series of questions and having the patient perform simple tasks. These cognitive tests were designed to measure the mental functions of the brain including language, memory, and the ability to recognize objects.
• Montreal Cognitive Assessment is a 10–15-minute test which includes identifying pictures of an animal, memorizing a shortlist of words, and copying a drawing of an object or shape.
• Mini-Mental State Exam is a 7–10-minute test which includes a few things like counting backward, naming the current date, and identifying noticeable everyday objects like a watch or pencil.
• Mini-Cog is a 3–5-minute test that includes recollecting a three-word list of objects, as well as drawing a clock.

Why is Measuring Cognitive Health Important?

Cognitive functioning is the brain's process that helps us to process, function, and understand the information provided to us. This includes aspects of the brain like perception, memory, language, decision making, and problem-solving. The cognitive functions are consistently changing and adapting to the new information and situations that are being provided to us throughout our lifetimes. While cognitive decline is normal as we continue to age, simply put means that our brains aren’t working as well as they once would. The ability to measure and monitor cognitive functions is important, as it allows early detection of any issues that may be happening and allows providers to offer treatment.
Early detection allows providers to offer treatment options to help slow or even stop cognitive decline. There are certain medications available as well as behavioral therapies, and modifications that can be applied at home and work to reduce the effects of cognitive decline.

What are the benefits of a cognitive assessment?

Cognitive assessments are available and suitable for young people including children from the ages of 4 up to 25 years. The individual being tested does not need to have certain language abilities to receive a cognitive assessment. Individuals who are experiencing any of the following may benefit from cognitive assessments including:
• Issues with language
• Issues reading and/or writing
• Issues with the patient’s memory
• Issues processing relayed information
• Poor concentration and/or attention
• Struggling with their academic studies
• Exceeding areas within their academic studies
There are many benefits of cognitive assessment testing including:
• Offering a learning profile that would showcase the patient’s strengths and difficulties
• Identify a learning need
• Comparing a standardized sample to the patient’s
• Identify able and talented
• Guiding customized learning
• Offering evidence that supports specific applications
• Supports access to particular arrangements
• Evidence-based
• Comprehensive and robust test
• Able to distinguish between special education needs as well as English as another language

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